We like to think of bookkeepers as Number Nurses® who make the world of accounting as painless as possible.

We tidy up any little messes, teach business owners how to take good care of themselves and plump pillows to make sure everybody is comfortable. Our Number Nurses® let you get on with the important stuff – just like a doctor…

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For Accountants

With clean data and more time you’ll have the power to perform miracles and shape the future of your clients’ business health.

For Business Owners

We'll get you setup and trained on Xero and Add-ons so you're confident with running your business in 'the Cloud'.

For Bookkeepers

Get help with implementing Xero and Add-ons, plus access to our database of bookkeeping vacancies.

Xero Set Up

A friendly Number Nurse® will ensure you start out with Xero the way you want to continue.

Xero Training

To prevent uncontrollable epidemics our OBK public health Number Nurses® observe cases and promote healthy behaviour with regular contact and training.

Xero Add-On

When high-level care is needed for people at risk of serious financial injury or illness an OBK intensive care Number Nurse® is the solution.


As a business consultant specializing in Xero making contact with Gayle and Number Nurses was invaluable. They run a business that is networked beyond belief they can make suggestions and connections for solutions and Xero add-ons in a snap, across borders and platforms. Prepare to be impressed.

~ Avery Dorland, Director, Windigo, TN, USA

Working with Number Nurses, we can be confident that our clients are getting the best possible start to their Xero accounting journeys. Their fantastic training programmes and specialised Xero knowledge ensures our clients are up and running quickly and confidently. We've managed to save a lot of time internally since collaborating with Number Nurses and are always impressed with their friendly and positive attitudes.

~ David Jessep, Director, DJCA, New Zealand & United Kingdom

When we needed to find a Xero Bookkeeping expert in the UK, it was New Zealand company Number Nurses that pointed us in the right direction with more than one option - thanks so much for your support, just when we needed it.

~ Gareth Hughes, Director, Hughes Partnership Accountants & Business Advisers, Birmingham, United Kingdom

Thanks Gayle for enabling us to tap into the Xero knowledge you and your network have with the Xero Add-ons; now in the 100’s. We have a large practice here and consider Number Nurses a fantastic resource for all our Xero clients both old and new and that’s why we can focus on what we do best.

~ Jason Driscole, Director, Morrison Creed, Palmerston North, New Zealand

Gayle’s Number Nurse Service has literally been a lifesaver for us at Business buddy. We’re growing really fast and it’s fantastic to be able to onboard new clients with the assurance that their Xero will be setup correctly, their users trained, plus their data up-to-date & correct each month ready for us to do our work.

~ Kirsten Hawke, Director, Astill Hawke & Associates, Auckland, New Zealand

Number Nurses provide an outstanding Xero implementation and training service to clients of CA firms, enabling those firms to do what they do best, help their clients to grow and improve their businesses. Their 8 week Xero training series is superbly pitched and priced, ensuring beautiful data and delighted clients. Collaboration between experts such as Number Nurses and the CA firms is the way of the future.

~ Viv Brownrigg, FCA, Industry Coach, The Accountants RePublic, New Zealand

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