Number Nurse® medical chart

Knowing all of the boxes are ticked and someone is keeping track of your business’s vital signs is a huge relief and it means you can focus on the things you love – whatever that may be for you.
A Number Nurse® will whisk away your worries and put her skills into action, caring for the essential administration tasks while you care for the things that make your business a success.
It’s about giving you the time to maximise your potential and create a healthy business environment where you’ll thrive. 
Our Number Nurse® team has been exposed to numerous industry sectors and they have developed strong skills in managing everything from the mildest ailment to complete business melt downs.
With international connections – Number Nurses® has the know-how and can-do to improve the health and well-being of small and medium businesses – no matter where on Earth they operate.
When a Number Nurse® works their magic – it really will stop the clock and give you your time back.

Number Nurse® in action

If it’s paperwork, administration or keeping the books in order that stops you from living your dream then it’s time to call a Number Nurse® for a check-up.
You will work together to divide the jobs – relieving the pressure on you and letting you spend more time on the important tasks and the business profits.
Your Number Nurse® ensures admin and paperwork is accurately completed on time, every time, which avoids the need for painful interventions.
We understand it can feel a little awkward at times but your Number Nurse® is sensitive and remains professionally confidential.

When the rubber gloves go on a Number Nurse® will:

  •  Give existing business practices and office systems a complete assessment and develop a programme to ensure the business will successfully manage existing demands and future changes. We can introduce any antidotes and will be by your side throughout the entire process.
  • Set up new business systems, software installation and training for businesses taking their first steps.
  • Ongoing training and support for you and your team will keep you up to speed with the latest developments.

Debtor Management
Muck this up and it could be life threatening

Receipt Management Bits of paper that can bung-up everything

Essential for your team’s survival

GST Review Checking you’re following doctor’s orders 

GST Return Ticking the boxes on time every time

One-Off Xero Training
Keeping you fighting fit 

Financial Reporting and Analysis
Help you make sense of the numbers

A Number Nurse® will ensure year-end transactions are prepared as neatly as a hospital corner and liaise with your accountant to produce timely,  cost-effective reports so you  meet tax compliance requirements.

High-tech practices

The Number Nurse® team thrives on finding the latest technology to make your business practices better. 
They lab-test the newest software before introducing it to you to ensure there are no nasty side effects.
You’ll have techie tools that are so easy to use – you’ll be able to care of yourself after a few quick lessons.
Job management
Quotes and estimates
Purchase orders
GST returns
Stock management

Cash flow forecasting

Who’s behind the Number Nurse® mask?

A great team needs a great leader and Kirsten Hawke is the new Chief Number Nurse®.
Number Nurses was the brainchild of the late Gayle Buchanan.  Gayle loved numbers ever since she knew they existed and she had her first crack at bookkeeping before she left school – helping keep track of the dollars and cents at her parents’ café in Wellington, New Zealand.
She quickly learnt she was far happier crunching the numbers rather than cleaning tables and washing dishes but the experience gave her a solid grounding in business.

Throughout the years Gayle worked in numerous businesses and industries, which gave her a good insight into the administrative and financial systems that work at the coalface for small businesses.
She worked for many years as a company director and has experienced the excitement and exasperation of running a business.
Gayle established her own bookkeeping business on July 4, 2011.
The move was just what the doctor ordered and growth has been exceptionally healthy. 
Like the businesses and technology she worked with, Number Nurses® has evolved into far more than a bookkeeping service.
SMEs throughout the world seeking guidance with cloud software, such as Xero continuously called on Gayle’s expertise. 
Completely at ease with the language of accountants – Gayle translated the diagnosis for her worried patients – just as you’d expect from a Number Nurse®.
The Number Nurses® team has grown to include equally enthusiastic, experienced and qualified admin and paperwork experts in several countries.
They are fully prepped and ready to work little business miracles anywhere at any time.

Happy and healthy clients

“As a business consultant specializing in Xero making contact with Gayle and Number Nurses® was invaluable. They run a business that is networked beyond belief they can make suggestions and connections for solutions and Xero add-ons in a snap, across borders and platforms. Prepare to be impressed.”
~ Avery Dorland, Director, Windigo, TN, USA

“Working with Number Nurses®, we can be confident that our clients are getting the best possible start to their Xero accounting journeys. Their fantastic training programmes and specialised Xero knowledge ensures our clients are up and running quickly and confidently. We've managed to save a lot of time internally since collaborating with Number Nurses and are always impressed with their friendly and positive attitudes.”
~ David Jessep, Director, DJCA, New Zealand & United Kingdom

Working with Number Nurses®

Helping you focus on the possibilities not the admin. 
Number Nurses® really do care if a business owners and admin managers are losing sleep because the paperwork is out of control.
And, they really do want your business success to be a reality rather than a dream.
The team is approachable, friendly and fun – just as you would expect from a professional nurse.
They are experts in their field but they know how to chat with clients in language everyone can understand.
Number Nurses® operate with empathy and have seen almost everything before. They will never be embarrassed by unusual admin conditions – no matter how weird and wonderful they may appear.
Honesty, integrity and confidentiality are essential traits of every Number Nurse® and they will always respect your team and commercially sensitive information.
Number Nurses® are on-call to assist at times that suit you and they are available via email, telephone and Skype. 

Number Nurses® action plan

Consultation is crucial and it is the time that we work together to find out how things are working for you, what are the annoying little niggles and what could require full-on specialist care.
If Number Nurses® don’t have an answer they won’t bluff their way through, which is far too risky, but they will know where to go to find the best solution.
Next, a business systems check-up is conducted to monitor vital signs that may require urgent attention, followed up with other actions in order of priority.
You are part of the entire process to ensure everyone is working towards the same outcomes.
Number Nurses® will make recommendation, implement changes and provide training for all those involved in the process.
We promise it will be much more fun than a medical health check and you can keep your clothes on.
The team stays in touch with you, following up on progress, helping address unexpected issues and letting you in on the latest developments that can further improve your business systems.
Businesses that are in the first stages of development are in an ideal situation to start life with top notch systems that will see them thrive as they grow.
Number Nurses® love to nurture new-born businesses and support the excited new entrepreneurs through this exciting stage. 
Of course, sleepless nights are to be expected but a Number Nurse® can sooth away the tension.

Health check list

  • Reconcile bank accounts
  • Get in money from those overdue accounts 
  • Structure the filing system
  • Check work processes 
  • Provide monthly check ups
  • Develop systems for improved accuracy and compliance
  • Streamline processes for improved efficiency

Once the Number Nurse® has worked with you to establish basic business healthcare needs you can work together to develop higher level reporting to achieve exceptional levels of entrepreneurial fitness.
You and your team will have the tools and skills manage the toughest challenges and you’ll be at the leading edge of business practices.
Then it is time to kick back with your Number Nurse® and toast your success.

Number Nurses® specialises in helping accountants on-board new Xero clients and the Building Industry with Xero Add-ons to give owners their time back,  we're available now to help you with setup, training and troubleshooting. Call us today on 0800 XERO NURSE (0800 937 668) or send us a message.

Gayle Buchanan, Founder Number Nurse®

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