Jul 27

EVENT OFFER: UNLEASH the HUGE power of small to build an AMAZING business 

Posted by Kirsten Hawke at Thursday, July 27, 2017

I am very excited right now. And I want to share that excitement with you. 

We’ve just pulled off a HUGE coup.
Specifically, we have just arranged for one of the world’s leading business thinkers and speakers — Paul Dunn — to present a stunning business-building event right here in our region. 

Tickets to see Paul are $139 BUT AS YOU’LL SOON SEE, I’M ALMOST BUYING YOURS FOR YOU. That’s how important this is. 

Paul’s flying in from his worldwide headquarters in Singapore to present live what he calls ‘UNLEASH the HUGE Power of Small to build an Amazing Business in these Amazing Times’.

It is stacked full of new insights for you.

Paul’s a 4 times TEDx speaker (that’s very much the pinnacle of speaking) so when he comes to town for a unique event, you want to let everyone you know about it.

I saw Paul recently LIVE and I’ve never resonated so much with a speaker before.
On top of that, Paul’s simply great at helping business owners build their businesses achieve seriously new highs.

And he helps them embed new meaning and purpose right into their businesses too in this event that’s very fast-paced and very, very different 

The magic of this event (live on Monday 25th September) is that Paul gives you insight after insight in the most inspiring of ways — ways that he calls ‘the Power of Small. 

You’ll see that almost all of the insights are zero-cost-to-implement ideas for you to apply. Instantly.  And you’ll see the difference instantly too. 

Talking of making a difference, Paul’s on a huge quest to do that in a profoundly important way — a way that’s already generated a staggering 110 MILLION giving impacts worldwide. 

People pay a fortune to get Paul and it’s extremely rare for someone like him to be able to be in our region. 

Again…’s the great part, you can get to experience him LIVE and I'm almost paying for your ticket!  You’ll be able to get in for just $69. 

But you do need to be quick! 

This is an incredibly special opportunity to seriously build your business, your revenues and your profits.

Check out this video from Paul or CLICK HERE to book your heavily discounted seat. 

You’ll love it. And that’s a personal promise.

See you there!

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