Dec 06

Sort out your payday filing, el pronto

Posted by Kirsten Hawke at Thursday, December 06, 2018

BUSINESS buddy tell us how...

We all leave things until the last minute, but it would be a good idea to put systems in order now, to reduce your stress and avoid surprise phone calls from Inland Revenue.

We’re talking about the move being made that requires all businesses to get their payday paperwork to IRD each and every payday. That means no more submitting the paperwork monthly. You must submit PAYE details at the same time as you pay your staff, whether they are paid weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

By April Fool’s Day – April 1, 2019 – it will be compulsory for all businesses to meet this requirement for their PAYE employees.

Some businesses will already be doing this, so they can put their feet up and chillout.

The new system doesn’t need to be an admin nightmare for businesses, especially when there are smart tools around to take care of the payday paperwork.

BUSINESS buddy break it down for us here - read on.

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