Jun 16

Review Xero Update - June 2013

Posted by Kirsten Hawke at Sunday, June 16, 2013

What's in store for us with the latest update…

More control of your email

Previously when sending out invoices via email to your customers would default to the user address which posed problems for some firms with multiple users wanting to use a generic email like '

Xero's latest update now allows you to choose as below:

Get Paid faster - Xero teams up with eWay

It takes 5 easy steps to set up you eWay - Xero Help - eWay Set Up

Today, eWAY joins DPS Payments, Express, GoCardless, Stripe and Paypal as a payment service Xero integrate with. If you use eWAY, your clients will be able to use it to pay you instantly, online. 

Inventory items now in imported invoices

You can now enter inventory items when uploading from .csv files - particularly useful when converting to Xero from another accounting system.

This will automatically add to your inventory list and cut data entry time (we all like that!)

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