May 16

Republic Day May 9, 2014 - Auckland, NZ

Posted by Kirsten Hawke at Friday, May 16, 2014

The Republic event held at the Langham Hotel in Auckland on May 9th 2014.  With the number of Accountants Republic Exhibitors looking to showcase their trade and pass on information to attending business professionals this event was a hit.

Business Professionals from almost every level of the career ladder will be descending upon the Langham Hotel in Auckland in order to partake in exhibitions and listen to top level speakers. This event was perfect for those who wishing to pick up a number of little tricks that they can use to drive their business forward.

Eagerly anticipated Viv Brownrigg, CEO of the company behind the event was again captivating and what she does not know about accounting practices is not worth knowing.

Throughout the day we were provided with information to small businesses who are looking to streamline their accounting practices as well as other aspects of their business to boost profitability and increase productivity. The information that supplied there was invaluable and will help just about anybody in the world of business no matter how experienced they are. 

Throughout the day a number of other key speakers added substance to the day and talks on ensuring that your accountancy procedures weren't too complex (this talk will be provided by Sue de Bievre). Information on how you can outsource the work that your company does in the best possible way. This included a guide on how you can choose the right people to outsource to in order to ensure that you get the right people helping you to drive your business forward. (Glenn Foster who has a wealth of experience in this industry). Other information included working with your clients, how to boost the motivation of your team in order to boost profitability, and even a guide on ‘accounting for adventure’ which was carried out by Kevin Biggar. That talk was certainly something quite special.

Throughout the day there was plenty of opportunity to talk to the various exhibitors and even network with other businesses in attendance. If you really care about taking your practice forward and you are based in the Auckland area then this is a place that you absolutely should be each year.

Our thanks to the tireless work in the back ground to ensure this event is at a super high quality each year - Pippa Russell and Victoria Cornelius