Aug 25

Xerocon Australia August 2014

Posted by Kirsten Hawke at Monday, August 25, 2014

Development Day ... extremely privileged to be with @Float (emerging Xero Partner of the year) and @HeatherSmith (Xero for Dummies Author)

Of course Xerocon started with Rod doing what he does so well!

and again with a wave lol!

Wrap up on the Xero Blog  of day one ... great to get a mention in the bookkeepers section

Our Add-On Partners

Practice Ignition  my fav site

Crunch Boards   my fav 'chic' site

Xerocon Awards Dinner is such a fun time for all us IT Geeks to dress up and kick up our heels

Accountants making us feel special too

Jul 21

Little things make a big difference

Posted by Kirsten Hawke at Monday, July 21, 2014

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Hey, I’m Matt. Following on from Penny’s recent post about a release, I’m the other Product Owner in our ever-growing Sniper team at Xero. Some of you may know me from my previous roles at Xero with implementation and sales. Naturally, it’s a great move for me to change things up after six years and get one step closer to our product’s engine room. It’s also great to be directly contributing to product decisions after having spent so much time at the coalface working with Xero inside small businesses and accounting firms.

As many of you know, the Sniper team are tasked with the development of a range of smaller (and increasingly larger!) features to make life a little easier for all our customers.

I wanted to give you a bit of background on some of the highlights from today’s release.

Read More Here on the Xero Blog

May 01

Smart Business Expo April 28, 2014 - Kumeu, Auckland, NZ

Posted by Kirsten Hawke at Thursday, May 01, 2014

Smart Business Expo April 28, 2014 - Kumeu, Auckland, NZ 

The Smart Business Expo hit Kumeu on April 28th 2014. Business owners from around Auckland, and in some cases slightly further afield, descended upon the event in order to experience one of the many workshops being held throughout the day.

The goal of the Smart Business Expo, just like it is every year, is to provide local business the opportunity to test out some of the latest technology which they can utilize in their company to boost their productivity and ultimately their turnover. The secrets shared throughout the Smart Business Expo on April 28th 2014 are secrets that are currently being used by some of the biggest companies in the world. Experts were on hand for every workshop and in between workshops to answer any questions that people needed answering.

In addition to learning new techniques for driving their company forward, the Smart Business Expo also aimed to create a sort of ‘community’. People from all over the local area were brought together to discuss business. Under one roof you would find everything from business owners to managers to those who are just throwing around an idea before taking it forward. This provided the perfect opportunity for everybody and seemed to be a main focus for the majority of people in addition to the workshops.

Perhaps the real highlight of the event was the Free Xero Training offered by Number Nurses. This One Hour Workshop was a rousing success and attempted to cover absolutely everything that you needed to know in order to use Xero in your business. For those who are unaware, Xero is the perfect system for small businesses (and larger ones for that matter!). The whole system has been designed to ensure that your business processes are smoother than ever before. Xero can be accessed online from anywhere in the world. From the system you are able to carry out your banking, look at accountancy reports, and even send out invoices. The whole system has been designed to cut down on the amount of time that you spend playing around with numbers and boosting the amount of time that you spend on your business. Everybody that completed the Free Xero Training from Number Nurses ended up with a certificate at the end detailing their completion of the course.

Throughout the day there were a number of talks on designing powerful websites, more information on Xero cloud accounting, and even details on managing properties. In short, the Smart Business Expo was the place to ‘be seen’ for anybody that wanted to change the way in which they do business. Everybody that attended the event had a fantastic time and probably walked out of the area with more knowledge than they thought possible. 

Jan 17

Non-profit Community Education Partnership recommends Xero accounting software

Posted by Kirsten Hawke at Friday, January 17, 2014

Non-profit Community Education Partnership recommends Xero accounting software

Erica Mohan, Director of non-profit organization Community Education Partnership talks about how easy Xero is to use compared with Quickbooks.

One of the biggest benefits is being able to streamline accounting and bookkeeping processes, freeing up time better spent in the community.

For Erica, one of the best things about Xero is how easy and time-saving it is.
"I log in and I understand what's going on... Just to be able to streamline our accounting and bookkeeping process has freed me up to spend more time in the community and that's the most important thing to me," she says.

Find out more about accounting software for non-profits:

Jan 17

2014 Xerocon Award Nomination Findlay & Co

Posted by Kirsten Hawke at Friday, January 17, 2014

We would like to nominate Number Nurses Ltd for the 'Bookkeeping Partner of the Year'

Gayle and her team work with us assisting in setting up and training our clients to use Xero.

Gayle is extremely passionate about Xero and the Cloud and this shows in her interactions with our clients.

Not only is she knowledgeable about Xero, but she also has a well-founded knowledge of other add-in products that can benefit our clients in their businesses.

We trust her implicitly with our clients and have had frequent positive feedback from our delighted clients.

One of my favourite things that Gayle does is to issue the clients with a “Certificate of Awesomeness” on completion of their training.

She instils our clients with confidence and we love working with her.

Kind regards

Margaret, Wayne, Scott, and the Team at Findlay & Co Chartered Accountants.

 Margaret Gimpel


Findlay & Co Chartered Accountants Ltd

PHONE: +64 3 443 4417  |  FACSIMILE: +64 3 443 4418
9 Cliff Wilson Street  |  PO Box 536  |  Wanaka  |  9305  |  

Dec 31

Xero Shares end 2013 at $32.30

Posted by Kirsten Hawke at Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Xero, led by chief executive and founder Rod Drury, ended the year up 333 per cent - although it fell slightly yesterday. New Zealand Herald Photograph by Mark Mitchell
Xero, led by chief executive and founder Rod Drury, ended the year up 333 per cent - although it fell slightly yesterday. New Zealand Herald Photograph by Mark Mitchell

Xero, the cloud-based accounting software company, fell 1.8 per cent to $32.30, having soared 333 per cent this year as investors bet on its potential to become a global giant killer and it raised enough capital to fund its expansion.

Jun 16

Review Xero Update - June 2013

Posted by Kirsten Hawke at Sunday, June 16, 2013

What's in store for us with the latest update…

More control of your email

Previously when sending out invoices via email to your customers would default to the user address which posed problems for some firms with multiple users wanting to use a generic email like '

Xero's latest update now allows you to choose as below:

Get Paid faster - Xero teams up with eWay

It takes 5 easy steps to set up you eWay - Xero Help - eWay Set Up

Today, eWAY joins DPS Payments, Express, GoCardless, Stripe and Paypal as a payment service Xero integrate with. If you use eWAY, your clients will be able to use it to pay you instantly, online. 

Inventory items now in imported invoices

You can now enter inventory items when uploading from .csv files - particularly useful when converting to Xero from another accounting system.

This will automatically add to your inventory list and cut data entry time (we all like that!)