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We are looking for accountants, CAs, CPAs, Bookkeepers to be part of our Number Nurse team.
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Hello Accountants

Number Nurses® specialises in helping accountants on-board new Xero clients to give owners their time back, we’re available now to help you with setup, training and troubleshooting. 
Call us today on 0800 XERO NURSE (0800 937 668) or send us a message.

Hey, Business Owners

It doesn’t matter if you are city central or live deep the rural country-side – we work in the Cloud, so you can be a Number Nurse® from anywhere. We are looking for accountants, CAs, CPAs, Bookkeepers to become part of our Number Nurses team.

What's a Number Nurse?

We like to think of Bookkeepers as Number Nurses who make the world of accounting as painless as possible.

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Helping you focus on Possibilities not admin

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