About Us

We like to think of Bookkeepers as Number Nurses® who make the world of accounting as painless as possible. We are also your on-call, local Xero experts – ready to support, train & direct you with running your Xero accounting system accurately and efficiently.

We tidy up any little messes, teach business owners how to take good care of themselves and plump pillows to make sure everybody is comfortable. Our Number Nurses® let you get on with the important stuff – just like a doctor…

Who’s behind the Number Nurse® mask?

A great team needs a great leader and Kirsten Hawke, our Chief Number Nurse, fits the bill perfectly!

Kirsten Hawke - Number Nurses CEO
Kirsten Hawke, CEO

Number Nurses ® was originally the brainchild of the late Gayle Buchanan. Gayle loved numbers ever since she knew they existed and she had her first crack at bookkeeping before she left school – helping keep track of the dollars and cents at her parents’ café in Wellington, New Zealand.

Throughout her career Gayle worked with a wide range of businesses and industries which gave her a good insight into the administrative and financial systems that work at the coalface for small businesses.

Gayle was also a company director for many years and knew, first hand, the excitement and exasperation of running a business.

Gayle established her own bookkeeping business on July 4, 2011. The move was just what the doctor ordered and growth has been exceptionally healthy. 

Like the businesses and technology she worked with, Number Nurses® has evolved into far more than a bookkeeping service. SMEs throughout the world seeking guidance with cloud software, such as Xero, continuously called on Gayle’s expertise. 

Completely at ease with the language of accountants – Gayle translated the diagnosis for her worried patients – just as you’d expect from a Number Nurse®.

Since its inception Number Nurses® has grown to include more equally enthusiastic, experienced and qualified admin and paperwork experts in several countries worldwide. All are fully prepped and ready to work little business miracles anywhere, at any time.

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